Eoptolink Sampling Industry 1st 200G 2×CWDM4 QSFP-DD Optical Transceiver

EOPTOLINK Technology Inc., Ltd (stock code: 300502.SZ) has announced the industry first 200G CWDM4 QSFP-DD optical module during CIOE 2017 and will do live demo in ECOC 2017. Eoptolink has been working closely with leading network and data-center solution providers and start sampling to customers.


 200G CWDM4 QSFP-DDQSFP-DD 2x100G CWDM4 is using 8x25G NRZ DML technology, has doubled density of QSFP28, and fully complies with QSFP-DD and CWDM4 MSA. It targets data center for 2km application, and 10km version (2x4WDM-10) is also available. By using CS optical connector, it can be either two QSFP28 CWDM4 break-out or directly connected with another 200G QSFP-DD. The design can be easily moved to other form factor as well, for example OSFP.

This product is produced by Eoptolink 100G+ production platform with high density capability and automation. The platform is designed for high volume and low cost production for today’s 100G product and highly scalable for the coming 200G & 400G transceivers.

It adds to the portfolio of Eoptolink data center product line. Combining this product with QSFP28 CWDM4/CLR4, QSFP28 LR4 and QSFP28 4WDM-10, Eoptolink will provide up to date solutions to customers and continuously invest on R&D for new technologies.

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