BIDI SFF transceiverEoptolink BIDI SFF transceivers are available with a variety of different transmitter and receiver types, allowing users to select the appropriate transceiver for each link to provide the required optical reach over the available optical fiber type. Optical SFF modules are commonly available in several different categories: BIDI SFF 10km SMF (LX), BIDI SFF [40 km (XD, ER), BIDI SFF 80 km (ZX), BIDI SFF 120 km (EX or EZX)]. One fiber is used for point to point connection.



  • Single Fiber WDM SFF Transceiver
  • Speed up to 2.67 Gbps
  • Single +3.3 V Power Supply
  • RoHS Compliant
  • 0 to 70oC or -40~85C Case Operating Temperature
  • Class 1 Laser International Safety Standard IEC 60825 Compliant

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