100G Twinax

QSFP28 Twinax DAC 100GCFP4 Twinax DAC 100GCFP2 Twinax DAC 100GCFP Twinax DAC 100GEoptolink 100G QSFP28 Twinax DAC EOLQ-1HG-C-XX, 100G CFP Twinax DAC EOLC-1HG-C-XX-YY , CFP2 Twinax  EOLC-1HG-C-XX-YYC2 , CFP4 Twinax EOLC-1HG-C-XX-YYC4 Copper Cable assemblies are high-performance, cost effective I/O solutions for 100 GB Ethernet and OTU4 applications. CFP copper modules allow hardware manufacturers to achieve high port density, configurability and utilization at a very low cost and to reduce power budget


  • Supports 103.125Gb/s and 118.3Gb/s bit rates
  • Lower Power Consumption< 5W (CFP and CFP2 ), <1.5W (CFP4)
  • 30AWG up to 3 meters distance
  • 26AWG up to 4 meters distance
  • CDR Inside
  • Power Supply: +3.3V
  • Compatible to CFP / CFP2 / CFP4 MSA
  • Temperature Range: 0~ 70C
  • RoHS6 Compliant 


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