CFP LF4 streightCFP LR4 angledCFP SR4 100G

Eoptolink CFP 100GBASE-LR4 / CFP 1000GBASE-ER module supports a link length of 10, 20, 25, 40km kilometers on standard single-mode fiber (SMF, G.652). 100 Gigabit Ethernet signal is carried over four wavelengths. Multiplexing and demultiplexing of the four wavelengths are managed within the device.



  • CFP MSA package with duplex LC connector(straight/angled)
  • Integrated heat sink optional
  • Supports multi-rate from 103.1Gb/s to 111.8Gb/s aggregate
  • Lane bit rate 25.78 Gb/s GbE, 27.95 Gb/s OTU4
  • Up to 40km transmission on SMF
  • EML laser and PIN receiver
  • High speed I/O electrical interface (CAUI)
  • MDIO interface with integrated digital diagnostic monitoring
  • Single +3.3V power supply
  • Industry lowest power consumption (please contact us for the latest number)
  • Operating case temperature: -5°C to +70°C
  • Compliant to RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU


  • Compliant to the IEEE 802.3ba(100GBASE-SR10)
  • Support interoperability with IEEE 802.3ae 10GBASE-SR modules of various form factors such as SFP+, XFP, X2
  • Compliant to the CFP MSA Specification
  • Up to 100m on OM3 and 150m on OM4 MMF
  • VCSEL array transmitter and PIN array receiver
  • Single 3.3V Power Supply and Power dissipation ≤ 8W
  • Operates at 10.3125Gbps per channel
  • Operating Case Temperature: 0℃~+70℃
  • MDIO digital diagnostic interface and control capabilities
  • Utilizes a standard 24/20 lane optical fiber with MPO connector


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