Eoptolnk 40G CFP spec update

Eoptolink has updated specification for CFP 40G transceiver line 40GBASE-LR4 , 40GBASE-ER4, 40GBASE-ZR4 and 40GBASE-FR types.

GPON and GEPON stick

GPON stick transceiverEoptolink  has  released  GPON  stick  and GEPON stick. The PON stick  provides a pluggable xPON ONU interface for networking equipment

CFP 100G LR4

Eoptoink, the leading optical transceiver manufacture in China has released CFP-100G-LR4. CFP transceivers can support a single 100 Gbit/s signal like 100GbE or OTU4. It has 4 lines, line bit rate 25.78 Gb/s GbE, 27.95 Gb/s OTU4

EOLC-161HG-10-L for  103Gbps application.
EOLC-161HG-10-LA for 112Gbps application, OTU4.

For more information, questions, please, contact with us.

Tunable DWDM XFP

Eoptolink has released Tunable DWDM XFP 50Ghz ER (EOLX-1696-TDW-14XXX) and ZR (EOLX-1696-TDW-22XXX) vertions, for more information, please, contact with us, thank you!

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